Download Arcpad 10.2.1 & What's new in ArcPad 10.2.1

 Download Arcpad 10.2.1

 Download Arcpad 10.2.1  from Esri

 Download Arcpad 10.2.1Direct link

 What's new in ArcPad 10.2

Arcpad GPSThe main features of ArcPad 10.2 improve integration with the ArcGIS system and streamline data collection. The ability to directly open ArcGIS provides services in ArcPad and synchronize changes dramatically improves the workflow of the mobile user connected. For users who are committed to a desktop workflow revolves around file sharing and distribution, integration with ArcGIS Online provides an alternative to Windows Mobile Device Center (or ActiveSync) connections and increases its ability to share projects and models. In the field, use quick fields to automate the collection of attribute data with predefined expressions.
Data synchronization :
ArcPad 10.2 supports data synchronization with ArcGIS 10.2 feature services. With the new framework for data synchronization introduced in ArcGIS 10.2, ArcPad has the advantage of being able to synchronize incremental changes to the published service. When you combine your service entities with a custom get data for ArcPad extraction from ArcMap, you can have the best of all forms of ArcPad, linked tables and synchronization.

ArcPad 10.2 also supports 10.0 and 10.1 features services; however, its functionality is limited. 10.0 feature services do not support a full download capabilities. This means that when synchronized with the services 10.0 feature that contains a large number of records can be slow. Services 10.1 also provides that support a full download of features, but adds support for related tables and track editor.

Supports communication with entities ArcPad ArcPad extension services makes ArcGIS Server from previous versions obsolete.

ArcPad and ArcGIS Support Package online integration :
ArcPad models, a ZIP file containing ArcPad maps, shapefiles and AXF files have been around a long time. Now you can store your models as ArcPad project to ArcGIS Online to share with your team. Browse ArcGIS Online from ArcPad to select a template and create a QuickProject it. Once you recover your data in the QuickProject, download the new draft ArcPad to ArcGIS Online to share with others. Alternatively, load ZIP archives come to get data for ArcPad tools in ArcMap for distribution to their field agents. Using ArcGIS Online to share models and projects is a way for teams to move away from the center of ActiveSync and Windows Mobile devices to share files.
To minimize the amount of editing done in the field attributes, fast fields provide the ability to automate data collection. Set the default behavior for each of their attribute fields before beginning data collection and see how they perform by itself. ArcPad a configuration page allows you to build an expression that contains common elements to define the content of a field. These elements include Steam ID incremental, sequential ID, Date, User Name, X, Y, length, area, GPS X, Y GPS, GPS PDOP, HDOP GPS, GPS UTC, GPS EPE, GPS and Satellite Conde.

What's new in ArcPad 10.2.1

 The main features of ArcPad 10.2.1 are support for individual keys Bing, better behavior telemetry and linear movement, better synchronization feature services and better management of the starting geometry types not shower.
Bing Maps
       Bing Keys now be obtained directly from Microsoft. Bing enter your password on the Server tab of the ArcPad Options dialog box.
       Use existing files Bing Map NMF that you have created or are currently using stored in \\ Public Documents \ ArcPad \ Samples \ Bing Maps.

Rangefinders and linear movement
       Behavior capture polygon is now the same behavior as the capture line.
       Shift values range finder now automatically inserted into the Point / Vertex how to use the current GPS position as a reference.
       Now, when firing a second shot of a rangefinder, the single item page scroll - the first reading is replaced, and 2 points scrolling page - the second shot populate B. Reference details
       Duplicates were eliminated dialogues Point / Vertex.
       ArcPad Help topics have been revised.

Synchronization with services
       Graphics and custom data forms no longer disappear after closing and reopening a project that previously synchronized with the service entities.
       ArcPad is now able to connect and download ArcGIS Server 10.0 service entities (in addition to new entities services). When the service function is capable of editing, ArcPad can Add Features, Change Attributes, modify and delete data successfully geometry when Synching Edit Server.
       Unique indexes (if needed) are added during AXF synchonisation. For this reason, users should not have difficulty to synchronize more than one function at a time.

ArcPad Data Manager
If the length and region columns are not exposed in your SDE geodatabase in ArcMap, ArcPad Data Manager now automatically hide these columns to output, and will be ignored by ArcPad (eliminating errors due to areas of non-sde geometry ) .dropoff window

 Download Arcpad 10.2.1  from Esri

 Download Arcpad 10.2.1Direct link

For the license  key you can use your oldest key Of Arcpad 10 or 8


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